TOP-10 ideal services for cleaning the contact base

TOP-10 ideal services for cleaning the contact base

One of the activities of an email marketer is working with a contact base. It is necessary not only to replenish it with new addresses, but also to update the information regularly. If you have a lot of fake or inactive accounts on your list, your email marketing costs will go up. Having a bad base, there is always a high risk of causing irreparable damage to both the sender’s reputation and your own brand.

Would you like your marketing campaigns to be successful? Then keep pace with the times and enjoy an email list cleaner that attends to your list. Today we will talk about services that do database cleaning for effective mailing lists. Also, specially for you, we prepared a rating of the fastest, most accurate and affordable email verifiers that can boost any business profitability.

Email List Cleanup – New Features

Here are a few main reasons to check and clear customer database:

  1. when a repository of information has been collected over several years and you have never sent a newsletter to existing addresses;
  2. when for some reason you have not used the double opt-in tool on the site;
  3. when the database was compiled and saved manually – in this case, typos are inevitable.

Keep in mind that email marketing services can block your emails entirely if there are too many invalid addresses. In simple terms, your emails will either end up in “Spam” or hard bounce. Therefore, in order to work with subscriber lists effectively, use email list cleaning software. With its help, you can quickly and easily check whether the address is authentic, minimize bounce rates, protect your company’s domain from the reputation of a “Spammer”, and forget once and for all about the threat of being blacklisted by dysfunctional email senders.

Why is subscriber cleaning software so important for email marketing?

When asked why it is so important to regularly hygiene your contact list, there is a very simple answer: sending out to a smaller but cleaned address base offers more benefits. At the very least, they are:

  • Reduced mailing costs – an opportunity to save on average up to $18 per year by removing only 1 invalid email address;
  • higher delivery speed – in addition, the best email list cleaning service provides excellent email deliverability, which reaches 98.5-99%;
  • impeccable reputation of the sender – your domain is not on the black list, and your mailings go to the “Inbox”, letters are willingly opened.

In this article, we have identified 10 services that we believe are optimal for checking any database of email addresses.

Rating of the best services for a clean subscriber base

For the TOP list, we exclusively took cloud-based software, since it is much more practical and efficient than local software. We took the following criteria as a basis:

  • functionality;
  • price policy;
  • loyalty program;
  • unique offers.

We hope that our review will help you quickly find the best application that can increase ROI by 3-4 times minimum!

1. Proofy

You can verify email addresses online using Proofy, the professional list cleaning service. The software offers many features, from syntax checking and account deduplication to domain validation, SMTP and MX. The price starts at $0.006 for 1 verified address. After registration, each new user is provided with 500 free checks. You can also take part in the drawing of a 100K mass check. The service can be easily integrated into corporate systems or websites via API.

2. Never Bounce

Of all the email list cleaning tools, Never Bounce is the most popular. Designed specifically for marketing agencies, it has proven to be highly effective when used in a corporate system. The software package makes a check at the stage of user registration. Database cleanup involves the removal of high-risk accounts. There is a function of target audience segmentation. Price for 1 email is from $0.008.

3. Zero Bounce

Verification accuracy is 98%. Extraction of data from social networks and comparison with existing addresses in the database, gender identification, name and location of contacts, eliminates spam traps and potentially dangerous accounts. The cost of checking 2,000 addresses is $15.

4. XVerify

Accuracy guarantee – 98%, integration with all ESPs, fraud protection, auto-correction, Javascript for mobile devices, mobile number verification. Price – $0.01.

5. Brite Verify

The optimal solution for companies operating in the international market. It has its own geographically oriented verification algorithm, the ability to validate phone numbers, and flexible pricing. 1 check is $0.01.

6. Verifalia

Has 3 levels of verification, one of which is chosen by the user himself. Verifalia re-checks regularly. Regardless of the connected tariff plan, 20 tests are provided for data analysis. High speed starting at $0.01.

7. Email Checker 

Convenient list features, 99% deliverability, faster bounce rate reduction and improved sender reputation. Verification of 1,000 contacts will cost $10.

8. Bouncify

Simple interface, high security in terms of storing confidential data, the ability to process large amounts of information. The cost of checking 1 address is $0.0019.

9. DataValidation

Application of various verification tools: from basic to professional, up to 99% deliverability, intuitively simple functionality, ESP integration, real-time API. Price – $0.007.

10. Myemailverfier

The main focus is on domains, verification accuracy is 95%, elimination of spam traps, efficiency, detailed segmentation and assignment of roles to contacts. 2,000 addresses Myemailverfier will check for $8.4.

Contact database hygiene – first of all choosing the perfect product

If you want the best email list cleaner, feel free to choose Proofy. Product testing is available in various ways, and you can do it for free. 98.5% deliverability, extremely high speed and the most advanced validation tools are guaranteed!