HGTV’s Carmine Sabatella & Mike Pyle Share Home Reno Tips

HGTV’s Carmine Sabatella & Mike Pyle Share Home Reno Tips

First of all, could you tell me a bit about your professional partnership? When and why did you start to work together?

Carmine Sabatella: Mike you want to answer that?

Mike Pyle: Yeah, sure. In 2017, our producer DM’d me on Instagram, and asked if I wanted to have a TV show. My initial answer was no, and then I thought about it a little bit longer. I had met Carmine previously on a job site, probably about six months prior. My associates recommended that he might be a good fit and complement me and be a good person for the show. Before you know it, we were in front of a camera shooting a sizzle reel. That was our first time we had ever met one another, or ever been in front of one another, and we hit it off — and here we are today.

Carmine Sabatella: Yup.

What was your inspiration for “Inside Out”?

Mike Pyle: Go ahead, Carmine.

Carmine Sabatella: Well, an easy inspiration for “Inside Out” for us was we wanted to build and deliver a show that’s a little bit different than what would be anticipated on HGTV. The Discovery Network, as you know, absorbed HGTV a few years ago, so I think they were kind of ready to change the platform, and we became the guinea pigs for that new model. Prior to “Inside Out” — and maybe one or two shows that we watched from the same time — what we did was kind of … move up the format where the designers would come in, the clients would leave, they would redecorate everything, recreate everything, and when they came back they’d look surprised. “Here’s your new house.”

[We wanted] to do something different, where we were working with the clients every step of the way; they were in the trenches with us. They were making decisions with us, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And that kind of was what really became the premise of the show, and the format that we wanted to deliver.