A game today! and Duane Brown leaves

A game today! and Duane Brown leaves

In Seahawks news for your Saturday, there happens to be a preseason game versus the Steelers. And Seattle officially says goodbye to Duane Brown.

If you are anything like me, while I am not as actively yelling at my TV during Seahawks preseason games, the game is still must-watch television. And this preseason is extremely intriguing with all the positions spots up for grabs.

So what is news today in Seahawks world? Here are a couple of tidbits.

(Oh, and as always Go Hawks!)

Now-former Seahawks LT Duane Brown signs with the New York Jets

Brown wasn’t ever going to return to the Seahawks after Seattle drafted Charles Cross in the first round of the 2022 NFL draft. Cross may not be as good as Brown immediately, of course. Rookies make mistakes even if they have all the physical ability to be great. Brown had good physical ability plus 14 years of experience in the NFL.

That said, Cross could be the starting left tackle for Seattle for the next 10 years or more and Brown has most recently just been a year-by-year decision.

But Brown signed with the New York Jets this week for 2 years and $22 million. That is really good money for a player soon to be 37 years old but not so much that a player of Brown’s ilk will be overpaid. He is still a good left tackle. But for the Seahawks, Cross needed to be drafted and Brown needed to go.

Seahawks preseason starts Saturday!

Finally, some quasi-real football for 12s. Seattle plays the Steelers in Pittsburgh at 4 pm PT in a game that may not count in the standings but has more meaning than most other Seahawks preseason games over the last decade.

Seattle needs to use each of its preseason games to figure out who its starting quarterback, right tackle, both cornerbacks, and its third option at wide receiver will be. That is a lot to work out with just a month before the real season begins.

12s can watch the Seahawks and Steelers play locally on KING 5 and nationally on the NFL Network. The game can be streamed via the NFL app as well. But some fans might want to turn the sound down on the TV and listen to Seattle radio broadcast. That will be Steve Raible and Dave Wyman. And don’t forget about FuboTV!

Seahawks news for Saturday: A game today! and Duane Brown leaves