7 Rules to Follow Before Designing Your Kitchen

7 Rules to Follow Before Designing Your Kitchen

A Vastu-based kitchen design not only promotes positive energy but also ensures a pleasant life…

Digital Desk: Whether you are planning to construct a new home or planning for renovation, Vastu is extremely important. A Vastu-based kitchen design not only promotes positive energy but also ensures a pleasant life. It is noteworthy that your kitchen requires special attention because it is the heart of your home. It is where you will spend most of your time, making your daily meals and enjoying every moment. So, in order to attract positive energies, you need to follow Vastu’s advice before constructing your kitchen at home. In order to ensure a peaceful and healthy environment, Kalpesh Shah, founder, and CEO of MyPandit shares a few Vastu guidelines you must follow before constructing a home kitchen.


7 Vastu Tips For Building A Positive Kitchen


1. The southeast direction is ruled by the element fire, while the kitchen is ruled by fire. So, the kitchen should be located in the southeast corner of the house. However, if the desired direction is not possible, the northwest portion of the house is the next best option.


2. You must choose a location for the cooking stove, which is the primary source of fire in the kitchen. Again, it should face southeast because it is of the fire element. The position is important since the cook should face east when cooking food according to Vastu principles for the kitchen.


3. As per Vastu Shastra, try to keep fire and sink as far as possible. The best location for a sink is in the northeast, while the best location for a stove is in the southeast.


4. The kitchen’s southern and western walls should be ideal for constructing the cabinets. The northern and eastern walls should be avoided and left unoccupied. In order to attract prosperity and happiness, it is also essential to keep the kitchen tidy.


5. The kitchen’s electrical appliances should all face towards the south or southeast. This includes the microwave, mixer, refrigerator, and oven. However, it is advised that you avoid the northeast direction. Moreover, the fridge should be at least a foot away from the corner.


6. According to Vastu Shastra, make sure the kitchen is well-ventilated. Every kitchen must have a window, especially a window that faces east so that morning sunlight enters.


7. Choose lively colours for the kitchen, such as green, yellow, red, chocolate, pink, mauve, orange, etc. Do not use any dark or gloomy colours, such as black or grey. The kitchen flooring must be shiny and simple to keep clean.


Whether small or big, the kitchen is the heart of the home. So don’t take any risks when designing it. Therefore, follow these Vastu tips while designing your kitchen.